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ALMET, a.s. is a Czech manufacturer of pistons for internal combustion engines and compressors with a tradition that dates back over eighty years. Almet carries out direct supplies of pistons to primary production as well as deliveries of spare parts to domestic and foreign customers.

In the Czech Republic, ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. Brno and TATRA TRUCKS a.s. Koprivnice and  TEDOM are the key customers. ALMET owes a great deal of its US business to pistons supplies for sports aircrafs engines.  Other important ALMET customers  are engine manufacturers from both Eastern and Western Europe - Belarus, Russia, Germany, the  UK, Slovakia and Poland.

The company was established as a cylinder grinding shop RIAL by Alois Rieger  in 1933. The business has launched piston production 1946, which has subsequently become its´ only production program to date. ALMET was privatised and transformed into a joint stock Company in 1992 and is currently a member of the investment group PROSPERITA, a.s.
Establishment of the RIAL company by the its owner Mr. Alois Rieger.


Start of production of automobile and motorcycle pistons.


Incorporation in the Metalurgické závody n. P. Týnec nad Sázavou.


Establishment of the joint-stock company ALMET, a.s.


PROSPERITY becomes the majority owner.


ALMET makes significant investment in modern technologies and acquires significant customers.



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