On April 17, 2024, we visited the jubilee 30th edition of one of the largest trade fairs - AERO Friedrichshafen.

The fair was focused on general aviation, including the production of combustion aircraft engines. Hundreds of exhibitors from all corners of the world were presented at the exhibition. The fair showed how small Czech aircraft have advanced to the forefront globally. We are proud that ALMET, a.s., contributes with its products to spreading the good name of Czech manufacturers in the field of aviation technology.

We met with existing customers, established contact with new ones. We also had the opportunity to see innovations in the development of power units for small civil aircraft, ultralights, or drones.

At the exhibition, we were warmly welcomed by representatives of companies such as: AVIOSMA/S.M.A SRL, EPA POWER S.R.L, Flugmotoren-Reparatur Dachsel GmbH., HIRT Engines GmbH., Kawasaki Motors Ltd., RAIKHLIN AIRCRAFT ENGINE/CMD S.r.l., SKYFORGE, SMA AERO ENGINES, LOM Praha, Shark Aero.

The opening photograph of the post is from a meeting with a representative of MWfly s.r.l, our new piston customer, Mr. Stefan Marell.


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